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CAST LED Impressionist Series

Remarkably durable, feature-rich fixtures that fully leverage integrated LED technology - exceptional light control for exceptional results.

The CAST LED Impressionist Series is a collection of (4) luminaires with unprecedented levels of control and flexibility. These are fixtures designed for designers who insist on fine-tuning light levels, beam spreads, and color temperature in the field.

Each fixture has built-in dimming circuitry controlled by a hand-held dimmer control unit. The designer plugs in the dimmer, adjusts brightness (20 levels) then unplugs and moves onto the next fixture - no programming or addressing required - fast and simple - no wasted time.

Changing beam spreads is also simple and fast. All Impressionist lights (with the exception of the Wall Wash) have a shroud that slips off so the optical module can be removed and exchanged - no tools required. Five beam spreads are available (purchased separately) - they include degrees of 13, 24, 40, 64, and 15 x 39.

CAST Classic Series

Solid bronze integrated and modular LED & incandescent fixtures that set the 'CAST Quality' standard.

Filling the need for durability, professional performance, and long-lasting beauty, CAST Solid Bronze Classic Series Lights set the bar for quality in the landscape lighting industry. With hundreds of thousands of these fixtures installed over the past 14 years - practically every one of them is still in the ground performing optimally looking more beautiful each year as they age gracefully in the landscape.

The Classic Line is comprehensive and includes directionals, wash lights, path lights, deck lights, tree lights, and well lights. Both LED and incandescent models are available. LED versions are all integrated and modular to ensure highest levels of performance and longevity.


CAST LED Craftsman Series

Rock-solid integrated LED fixtures that meet the need for 'CAST Quality' at a lower price.

Designed for professionals who insist on 'CAST Quality' but struggle to fit CAST into every budget, the Craftsman Series consists of spot lights, wash lights, deck lights and path lights. Each of these fixtures has the same durability and relieable LED circuitry as with the Impressionist and Classic Series. Cost savings are realized by using fixed optics (not interchangeable) and the use of a sand-cast corrosion-resistant alloy (Eurometal) instead of bronze (for some models).

The price points on these fixtures are so low, they are less expensive to purchase and install than their incandescent counterparts.

The introduction of the CAST Craftsman Series means that discriminating professionals never need to compromise when faced with tight budgets!

CAST has a full product line that is sure to have what you need to enhance any project!

Directional Lights (LED & Incandescent) for Home, Landscape, & Commercial Properties

CAST Wash Lights (LED & Incandescent) (from all Series)

Path Lights (LED & Incandescent) for Pathways, Driveways, & Gardens

Specialty Landscape Lights (LED & Incandescent) for Decks, Docks, Gazebos, and Other Applications

Well (In-Ground) Lights for Lawns, Landscapes, & Architecture