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A well-placed boulder can add a distinct look to your landscape. Boulders come in many diverse colors, giving you a chance to express your creativity and personality. You can achieve a very distinct look in your garden just by the boulder's color. For example, white evokes a peaceful landscape and is soothing to the eye. Because of their size and weight, the placement of boulders should be thought out well in advance to keep movement to a minimum. Stone boulders can be used for dramatic effect in retaining walls, along side stairways, or to mark the entrance to your property.

Aqua Black

Canadian Mica

Lange Horn

Ontario Scarlett



Granite Cobbles 4" to 8"
Granite Cobbles 18" to 24"
Granite Cobbles 36" to 48"

Vista Grande

Canadian Green

Imagination Rock

Linville Granite

Royal Gorge

Sponge Rock

White Pine

Granite Cobbles 8" to 12"
Granite Cobbles 24" to 36"

Verde Antique

Weathered Limestone